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In today’s competitive climate, the young athlete is challenged by fellow applicants for a place in an elite sports team. What remains consistent in every scenario is the need to increase your speed. You may play Basketball, Football or Soccer but your velocity can be the difference between win or lose. Have you ever wondered why you’re the last to get to the ball or why your team mate is scoring more touch downs than you? Does running leave you breathless? Injuries, big or small can result in major setbacks. Injuries can lower confidence or wipe you off the athletic grid before you reach the heights of your talent. Do you ever get sick of that niggling pain causing you to “take it easy” or to “have a brake?” It’s worrying to think that you could very well lose your position in your team or be left seated on the side line as the rest of your team strive for glory.

It is your time

Our coaching portal does not operate like any other online personal training service around. Take a look yourself if you must. You will not be provided with a generalised programme for your sport. We will write a programme to your specifications and individual needs. This is not just a means for you to have a printable spreadsheet to follow when you walk in the gym. This is so much more. This goes beyond the communication of just you and I. This is a community. This is the Clan, where I’ll be your speed coach, our online admin will be your door to all the information that you require and our community will be your supportive fan base. Are you in?




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